Lipof Real Estate Services, Inc.’s Appraisal Process

Step 1: The Appraisal is Ordered

Customers can use our online appraisal form to order an appraisal. Within hours of ordering the appraiser will contact the borrower or agent to set a time for the inspection.

Step 2: The Property is Appraised

The appraiser will inspect the property and research the property and the market utilizing tools that include but are not limited to assessors’ records, multiple listing services (MLS), The Warren Group, flood maps, and zoning sources.

Step 3: The Appraisal is Reviewed for Accuracy & Compliance

Upon submission of the completed appraisal to our office, a review is made of the entire appraisal for theory, accuracy and compliance to our standards and any special standards that might be unique to the client.

Step 4: The Appraisal is Delivered

The appraisal is then delivered via our web based system or the delivery manner or system of your choice. If corrections or additional information is required, a revision typically is delivered within a few hours and always within 1 day.


Order an Appraisal

You can order an appraisal directly through our website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!